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West Pennine after the Area Contests

Anne and Angela won trophies today, 11th November 2023 at the West Pennine Area Contests .

l to r: Anne Bouget (Fylde) Evaluation winner, David Preshaw (West Cumbria) Evaluation runner-up, Diana Douglas (Garstang) Topics winner, Area President David Heaton, Michael Ball (Wyre) Speech winner, Angela Jones (Fylde) Speech runner-up, Hilary McGrath (Garstang), Topics runner-up.

The start of the 2023 / 2024 season.

We are working through a problem with our venue and hope to resolve it before October. We are trying to retain Wednesday as our meeting day on a monthly basis but as I write, we are not certain we can do this. We will keep our Club Programme Calendar up to date. If you are a visitor to these pages please ring the contact number to confirm time and place until this is settled.

Bill Thompson Award.

The trophy was awarded to Mike Coyle for his efforts in supporting the club.

Club meeting theme 'Brass' 10th May 2023.

A surprisingly varied set of speeches, all educational and all fun.

Club meeting theme 'Colours' 26th April 2023.

Well attended and with a good topics section and four mini speeches.

Club meeting 12th April 2023.

We had a free theme with emphsis on mini speeches. Two visitors both joined in and showed us how to do it!

Club meeting theme 'Persuade Me' 29th March 2023.

Take a stance on almost anything and then convince the listeners you have a point.

Club meeting theme 'Chalk and Cheese' 15th March 2023.

A few absentees but a very enjoyable evening of speaking and an amusing topics session.

Club meeting theme 'Noise' 1st March 2023.

Back to a normal format tonight. A sucesssful guide speach (Using Humour) started the meeting. Mini speeches and topics followed , all with evaluations. Highlight of the day was the general evaluation where our member demonstrated a giant step forward with the structure, content and delivery.

Club meeting Baloon Debate 15th February 2023.

We had a wonderfully enjoyable Balloon Debate with a diverse group of characters arguing their case for remaining in the balloon. The final occupants were Madam Montgolfier, Edward Faraday and Greta Thunberg with Madam Montgolfier winning the debate with the help of a gourmet buffet and a disposable barbecue.

Club meeting theme 'Sporting Tales' 1st February 2023.

We all made a speech, on any subject, but each containd six or seven sepecial words (terms from a particular sport) which we all tried to identify and then guess the sport.

Club meeting theme 'Realise/Real Eyes/Real Lies' 18th January 2023.

The ayes had it tonight.

Club meeting theme 'Daydreams' 4th January 2023.

A great way to start the new year with most members able to come and everyone speaking. I half hoped for some air guitar moments but perhaps it was for the best that was missing.

Fifty years of our club

On the 7th December 2022 we celebrated the 50th year of our club with a dinner at Fairhaven Golf Club . We were delighted to welcome members of many other speakers clubs as well as national dignitaries. We enjoyed a festive meal and lots of good fun . Many people participated in a quirky rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas and after dinner entertainment was provided by Eileen Moore, Mike Coyle and Anne Bouget. There was a wonderful friendly atmosphere throughout the evening and on our return to normal meetings after New Year members were still commenting on what a thoroughly enjoyable evening it was .

Club Speech Contests 9th November 2022.

A rather unfortunate night with three last minute withdrawals from speakers we wanted to hear from and with a great chance of progressing at the next stages. Such are the rigours of modern working family life. Peter Won with a sciency resume of relativity over the last 11 years.

Thanks to judges Greg, Hillary and Sue.

Club Evaluation and Topics Contests 26th October 2022.

Sahrah gave the target speech "Vile Villain or Virtuous Victim?". Anne Won the trophy and progresses to the Area Contest.

The target speech was also Sarah's A10 , the "Showpiece" final stage of the climb through the Speakers' Guide and it was awarded as a pass! The topic for the contest was "Crackers" and the popular winner was Keith who will progress to the Area Contest. Many thanks to the judges from Peterloo SC and Wyre SC.

Club theme 'Espirit de Corps' 12th October 2022.

A challenging subject chosen many weeks ago but coming at a time of National financial emergency when, to say the least, it appeared lacking at the top.

Club meeting theme 'Direct' 28th September 2022.

Everyone got to the point quickly.

Club meeting theme 'Relax' 14th September 2022.

A wonderful way to open our season with most members attending.

September the Eighth

Our members share the grief being expressed across the nation at the death today of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Club AGM 1st June 2022

A chance to discuss plans for our 50th Anniversay year. The President awarded the Bill Thompson Award to Keith Rothwell. This was to recognise Keith's attendance record over the last five years and his rapid reaction to our loosing our rooms at the Clifton Arms, at the start of the season.

Club meeting theme 'Star Wars' 4th May 2022.

A memorable topics session based on word associations and bird names was a wonderful way to close our season.

Club meeting 20th April 2022.

A last minute change to the AGM date altered our plans for this meeting and it was postponed for a fortnight.

Club meeting theme 'Numbers' 6th April 2022.

We all had a problem this time with numbers. However humour seemed to dominate the evening.

The auction night on 23rd March 2022.

Members came along with any object with a view to sell it to the other members. Also members brought one mystery object to be drawn at random for selling. Things went well and some funds for the canteen were raised with thanks to all those attending.

Club meeting theme 'Earth, Air, Fire, Water' 9th March 2022.

Three of our members had been involved with an initiative in Blackpool to help give young people life skill confidence during International Womens' Day. We listened to their reports. Then we followed that with a usual mix of Topics and Speeches.

Regional Conference March 2022.

Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes won the Area Evaluation and was Runner up in the topics and goes forward to the National Contest.

Liz Wilson came third in the Speech Contest with 'That was the river, this is the sea'.

Area Conference February 2022.

Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes won the Area Evaluation and was Runner up in the topics and goes forward to the Regional Contest.

Liz Wilson qualified for the Regional speech Contest with 'That was the river, this is the sea'.

A Speech Workshop 23rd February 2022.

Given a structured template we all took 10 minutes to write a 4 minute speech on any subject. With emphasis on the structure but also on refining the content, direction and message. Everyone then delivered it.

Club meeting theme 'Snow and Ice' 9th February 2022.

Two guide speeches were given contributing to a very interesting evening. We were visited by the Regional President who made us all laugh with 'snow snow slip slip snow' while waltzing around the lectern.

Club meeting theme 'Cowboys and Indians' 26th January 2022.

On the wild wild West Beach we found our way, setting up our chairs in a defensive ring. Eventually the cavalry arrived albeit rather on the late side to allow the agenda a free run.

We have new rooms

Lytham Assembly Rooms,
Dicconson Terrace

Club meeting theme 'Disaster' 12th January 2022

Back on Zoom this time we had an easy and relaxed meeting talking about disasters.

Message from the President January 2022

We sincerely thank the Clifton Arms for providing us with the superb facilities of their room for the last couple of seasons. But now their management believe it is time to increase our room hire fee.

Unfortunately this increase is absolutely unmanageable for us. Consequently, at very short notice it becomes our time to move on to new rooms.

Our Committee and many of our members have been working hard to find a good alternative with ventilation and adequate space for social distancing.

While this is in the air we will be using Zoom for the two January meetings.

The decision to use Zoom may have been forced upon us, but may have been prudent in any case during January because the current level of Omicron Covid is preventing some of our members attending.

Club meeting theme 'Black and White' 1st December 2021.

A well attended and enjoyable evening with interesting speeches. Our general evaluator gave us top marks and we gave him top marks too.

2021 Evaluation and Topics Contests, 17th November.

Evaluation Contest; Winner Gary Wainwright, Runner-up Sarah Hayes

Topics Contest; Winner Sarah Hayes, Joint Runners-up Julie Brotherton and Eileen Moore

Head Judge Greg Morton presented the winners with their trophy.

2021 Speech Contest, 3rd November.

Liz Wilson won the trophy by describing all the things a Coconut offers. Mike Coyle was a close runner up.

Head Judge Greg Morton presented the trophy.

Club meeting, 20th October.

CANCELLED! Because the Clifton could not give us the room on this day we arranged to host it at a private home. But they got pinged. There is no excuse for taking risks, so we will rest and reset and come back in two weeks at our usual venue.

Club meeting, 6th October.

With the theme 'Spirits' not sure how we got into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but we did and someone controversially bought a large gin and tonic at the bar.

Club meeting, 22nd September.

The theme 'When I Was Little' evoked many interpretations from the speakers.

Our past pres at the nationals.

The Webmeister reports:

Congratulations to Sarah in her evaluation in the National Evaluation Contest today. Sarah was the first contestant to speak (an unlucky draw?). Those of us watching by Livestream (c) saw a wonderful evaluation using all her trademarks; gestures, change of pace, eye contact, focusing on the good points with a few helpful remarks delivered with confidence and a risky move to the side of the lectern. (which was rather unforgivingly large for anyone to stay behind.)

Fair to say she ticked all the boxes for content and was well timed. But the judges did not reward her with a place. But FSC does; a place in our hearts.

Club meeting, 8th September.

We resumed our meetings with the theme 'Holidays'. Members who had not Zoomed met for the first time, those who had joined during lockdown. In turn those members saw for the first time how we run the meetings.

Covid and Clifton Arms July 2021 update

During the Covid restrictons we used Video conferencing for our meetings. That did not replace standing up infront of a room full of people, but it did prove useful in other respects and provided help in some aspects of listening, speaking and communicating. We all became more confident with video conferencing.

We have the usual room booked at the Clifton Arms, see the meetings page for the dates.

AGM 2nd June 2021

The outgoing president awarded the Bill Thompson Award to Derek Barker. The president explained that Derek had embraced the new technology and participated in many Zoom meetings during covid. The committee unanimously agreed this award was well deserved.

Peter presents Derek with the trophy.

ZOOM Meeting 19th May 2021 Baloon Debate

From a dog to Sir David Atenborough, a gas fitter to a bus driver and Master Yoda Jedi to Amy Johnson and Jean Paul de Balloon we fought for our lives. Last out was the bus driver leaving the gas fitter to land in one piece.

ZOOM Meeting 21st April 2021 'Her Maj'

Although there was so much National and World-wide sadness in the preceeding week, we went ahead with the planned theme which fell on HRH's Birthday.

Many subjects (pardon the pun) were covered and though fewer in number this evening, it was, as usual, very constructive and an exceptionally friendly session.

ZOOM Meeting 7th April 2021 'Saints and Sinners'

Wide range of speeches tonight. Ahead of the FA Cup Semi Final even Football was touched on and only later would we find out the sinners.

ZOOM Meeting 24th March 2021 'Sleep and Dreams'

Another sucessful evening in which everyone managed to stay awake despite the theme of the evening.

ZOOM Meeting 10th March 2021

We all went down the rabbit hole this evening. Strange things there were, but we all survived.

ZOOM Meeting 24th February 2021

A lively meeting where we were all messing about on the river. We welcomed Mary Christie the South Pennine President, as a guest.

ZOOM Meeting 10th February 2021

From pottery to T’pau via the Great Wall – Our subject tonight was China!

ZOOM Meeting 27th January 2021

The chosen theme of 'There's a day for that'. Two guests attended and spoke well in the topics and mini speachs. It was chocolate cake day but members tended to approach their speeches from a different angle.

ZOOM Meeting 13th January 2021

The chosen theme of 'I want to break free' prompted everyone to speak about the lockdown in the first person.

ZOOM Meeting 16th December 2020

The well attended meeting with a couple of guests had various readings of poetry and Christmas related stories.

ZOOM Meeting 2nd December 2020

For this meeting we asked you find a speech delivered in the past on any subject and then remake it word for word.

ZOOM Meeting 18th November 2020

How do you think the older citizens should be regarded and treated? Do they get a fair deal? Are you looking forward to your pensionable years? Four mini speeches were made on this theme. The Topics session paired the members who then both spoke and evaluated.

ZOOM Meeting 4th November 2020

We adopted an experimental format of talking about items in the news of interest. It was very sucessful.

ZOOM Meeting 21st October 2020

Theme, 'Memories' (Love Songs and Ear Worms). Another concerto of words from Fylde Speakers this evening. Music and memories and impromptu speeches on music from Christmas to Cats with the odd instrument thrown in.

ZOOM Meeting 7th October 2020

Theme Lemme tell ya a story (Fav page turners). An interesting theme that we all enjoyed. Everyone did a topic too!

ZOOM Meeting 23rd September 2020

We started our 2020/2021 season on zoom. Theme You are all requested to produce an item, decorative or utilitarian, that ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ but which has turned out to be rubbish and to speak about it for approximately four minutes.

Two new members participated and spoke well.

ZOOM Meeting 13th May

Theme "Food Glorious Food". In the topics session, the Chair, Diana Douglas challenged us to refrain from using the 1st Person pronoun. I certainly found that an exciting challenge. OOOOPS.

ZOOM Meeting 29th April

'Silver' was our theme and this was reflected in some intriguing slants on the subject: jewellery, the value of coming second, the second child in the family, Silverstone and ......Heigh Ho, Silver! (chance for trips down Memory Lane recalling childhood games!) Hoping our guests Diana Douglas and Greg Morton enjoyed the evening. Great to see each other and even better to see a few more faces in a fortnight!

ZOOM Meeting 15th April

We successfully brought into the meeting some of the usual items and format although the general feel was much more informal. The ease of our connection last week was not to be repeated. Some technical issues reared up, lessons learned. Programme was mini speeches, evaluations, topics and a feedback session.

We are welcoming any ASC member to these meetings, if you are interested get in touch.

ZOOM Meeting 8th April

The first of many?

Because Covid kept us indoors, a group of us met online. For some it was their first time, but we all chipped in and it was fine. Head and shoulders to the front, we gave ourselves some warm applause.

Club Meeting 18th March 2020

This was scheduled to be our speech contest meeting with seven speakers and three judges but due to the Covid 19 pandemic it was obvious that we had to cancel it.

Furthermore we are cancelling all our activities to comply with Government advice.

This includes the Inter Club Dinner scheduled for 13th May and the AGM the following week.

Club Meeting 4th March 2020

A very strong meeting with several members taking roles for the first time. The theme was 'Dragons' and as expected a certain member reflected Les Dawson with a few Mother In Law quips.

Club Meeting 19th February 2020

A hint of the future for FSC? The Education Office dished out first time major roles to several members. They took the baton and ran! In addition three assignment speeches were given and assessed as all passing. A very good meeting mainly made by the new members.

The theme was Technology and three newish members completed guide speeches successfully, while we also welcomed our newest member. An impromptu session was run by another new member with no-preparation 2 minute speeches on technology related subjects ranging from food technology through polytechnics to artificial intelligence

Club Meeting 5th February 2020

Great meeting with a new member overcoming her nerves and delivering her first (and very successful) speech to the club. Excellent Hints and Tips session on Using Notes. Another first time guest attended and he intends to join at the next meeting.

Club Meeting 22nd January 2020

This meeting was a special selling pitch auction event with participants bringing one object and a prepared sales pitch with a second mystery object that would be picked from a sack for an impromptu sales pitch. Each pitch was followed by an auction.

Club Meeting 8th January 2020

The first meeting of a new decade themed relaxation turned out quite lively and no one dropped off.

Angela was presented with her Speakers Guide and also won the topics.

Club Christmas Party

A well attended party at Fairhaven Golf Club with members' partners and several guests from Garstang. They looked after us very well. There was a US state musical quiz which had us all thinking.

Wednesday 11th December 2019

West Pennine Area AGM

Held on 1st December, ten Fylde members attended at Garstang Golf Club in various contests and capacities. It was a very successful meeting with an a la carte luncheon. Sarah Hayes managed a remarkable double winning both the topics and evaluation contests. Mike Coyle was runner up in the speech contest. Both our members now progress to the District contests.

Club Meeting 27th November 2019 - Light

A memorable meeting with two new speakers talking, and a lively topics session assisted by many hands.

Club Meeting 13th November 2019 - Fire

We offered a warm welcome to several new embers tonight and had a grate topics session.

Club Contests

Evaluation Contest Winner: Anne Bouget. Runner-up Sarah Hayes.

Topics Contest Winner: Sarah Hayes. Runner-up Anne Bouget speaking on the topic 'chips'.

The trophies were presented by chief judge Sue Hubbard from Garstang Ladies Speakers Club. Both winners will be joining Peter Wilson to represent the club at the Area Contest on 1st December!

Club Meeting 4th September 2019 - Coats

There were several guests and several apologies. It was a chilly evening with rain forecast and there were also several coats.

Club Meeting 2nd October 2019

A special meeting. Members interview each other then deliver a short speech about what they have learned.

Club Meeting 18th September 2019 - Records

Olympic ones, groovy vinyl or the DPA? We covered it all.

Club Meeting 4th September 2019 - Stars!

The club opened the season with a well attended gathering.

Summer Social

Members and guests enjoyed the club's annual summer social. Kindly hosted by members Liz and Peter, the event took place on one of the hottest evenings of the year. Everyone contributed to the cost and enjoyed the wonderful food and drinks available.

No speeches were on the agenda, but there was still the opportunity to be competitive by participating in the quiz, which tested us all on our brand awareness, famous last words and the geography of England. The event is always one of the highlights of the Fylde Club year, and this year was no exception. Good fun, good food and good company!

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Inter Club Dinner

We welcomed guests from Speakers Clubs in our area and enjoyed a scrumptious meal in our private dining room. It was then time for a member from each club to entertain us with a Tall Tale.

What a diverse range of subjects we had and so easy to not believe a word of it all! Beth Lowe , with the help of Jeremy Clarkson , was the deserving winner. The time traveller, Gary Wainwright won the most humorous (but I expect he knew he would!).

Certificates were awarded to Sarah Hayes and Eileen Moore for completing the first five assignments in the Speakers Guide and to Derek Barker and Anne Bouget for completing all ten assignments.

Those not speaking were asked to vote for the best tall tale and secondly the most humorous tall tale.

L-R. Declan O’Duffy, Tom Gilhooley, Sarah Hayes, Beth Lowe, Gary Wainwright, Jane Entwistle and Hilary McGrath.

Club Speech Contest 2019

Peter Wilson speaking on the Spice Route won the contest. With Mike Coyle talking on video games the runner up.

Arnold Sumner, Eileen Moore, Joanna Wagstaff and Mike Coyle.

The club is grateful to Hillary McGrath and Steph Stavert for judging the five speeches.

Wednesday 20th March 2019

FSC member inspires BAE

Joanna Wagstaff made an inspirational speech at at the newly formed BAE Systems Speakers Club.

Photo: BAE Systems. Joanna & Paul Paluch Spoke at BAE .

Both Joanna and Paul completed the McGuire Programme which helps people overcome stuttering. On finishing, the programme advises graduates join a Speakers Club.

To read more about the McGuire Programme.Click Here.

22nd February 2019

Garstang Ladies Gala Dinner

A very good meal at a wonderful venue hosted by the GLSC was attended by four representatives from our club.

Wednesday 19th March 2019

Christmas Meal

A well attended convivial meal at the Black Sheep, Lytham, which looked after us very well. We split into small teams to rack our brains over a Christmas film, history and music quiz. The winning team had the devastating mixture of youth, experience and the ability to write clearly.

Happy Christmas to all readers, see you in the new year.

Wednesday 12th December 2018

Evaluation and Topics Contest

FSC would like to thank the three judges, Marilyn Gregory, who also presented the trophies, Tom Gilhooley and James Douglas for their participation.

The speech to be evaluated was given by James Douglas “Tidal Power” (7:02). Contestants in order of speaking: Peter Donegan, Julie Bretherton (2nd place), Anne Bouget (1st place), Eileen Moore, Derek Barker and Mike Coyle.

Evaluation winner, Anne Bouget. Photo, J Wagstaff.

The Topics Contest contestants in order of speaking: Mike Coyle (1st Place), Peter Wilson, Derek Barker (2nd place), Joanna Wagstaff and Peter Donegan. The topic was 'Lessons'.

Topics winner, Mike Coyle. Photo, J Wagstaff.

Both winners now go forward to the Area Finals.

Wednesday 31st October 2018

Summer Social

After our hot pot dinner we were split into teams of three for several rounds of Quizzing. Counties, 10p coins and airport codes all featured. Peter D and Eileen had two gold stars each but the tie break was won by Eileen.

Eileen and her hard won certificate.

Wednesday 13th June 2018

AGM 2018

Greg Morton chose Anne Bouget to receive the Bill Thompson Award Trophy in recognition of her work both for our club and at National levels. Greg then received his ASC Foundation Certificate from the new President Steve Shuttleworth and a bottle of 'Good Job' from Eileen Moore on behalf of all the members.

Peter and Liz Wilson received ASC Foundation Certificates.
Photos: Sarah Hayes.

Wednesday 16th May 2018

Club Speech Contests 2018

We had five entries this year. Head judge Sue Hubbard announced the results commenting about how careful contestants need to be with the use of narrative and anecdotes. The other judges were Hilary McGrath and Hilary Ormston. Joanna Wagstaffe made a fine speech but received time penalties. 3rd Derek Barker, 2nd Keith Rothwell. The judges were each presented with hanging baskets and thanked for their help. Mike Coyle's winning speech reflected on how we are becoming more insular and avoiding eye contact with fellow citizens of our towns and cities.

Head judge Sue Hubbard presented the cup to Mike Coyle.
Photo: Liz Wilson.

Wednesday 4th April 2018

Inter-club Meeting

A depleted membership of nine were joined by eight members representing Garstang Ladies (5), Preston (2), Wyre (1) and one guest. Sandwiches and chips were followed by one 8 minute speech and 6 mini speeches on the topic of Fake News. This was followed by a “rolling” topics session chaired by Phil Langley. This was started by Steve Shuttleworth on the topic of a perfect day and developed into a finale by Mike Coyle stating that he seemed to attract a lot of walkers with poles. To be continued!

David Barlass (Preston) 7.11
Sheila Croft (Garstang Ladies) 3.56
Tom Gilhooley (Wyre) 4.37
Sue Hubbard (Garstang Ladies) 5.01
Keith Rothwell (Fylde) 3.14
Hilary Ormston (Garstang Ladies) 3.36
Arnold Sumner (Fylde) 4.19

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Western District Conference

68 members attended this conference at Haydock Park Golf Club and listended to some interesting, thought provoking and humorous speeches either side of a wonderful lunch.

Fylde was represented in the Evaluation contest by Mike Coyle who managed to get the biggest laughs of all speakers from his evaluation of guest speaker's Tony Leake from Sheffield.

'Pictures' was the subject in the Topics Contest. Anne Bouget chose to concentrate on Classical Fine Art and just missed out on a shot at the National competition by one point.

Liz, Eileen, Peter and Steve joined our President Greg as attendees.

The meeting and competitions were run to an exceptionally high standard. A perfect paradigm from which to learn how so to do. Altogether a very entertaining and educating day.

Sunday 25th February 2018

Christmas Dinner

At Whispers, 81 Clifton Street, Lytham.

Seventeen members and two Area Officers came to this excellent restaurant for a meal together. We all changed places between courses and there was a quiz question to answer with a box of chocolates for being on each winning table at the right time.

Question: Name 5 of the 7 most popular game birds. Many correctly said Grouse, Partridge, Pheasant, Quail, Snipe, Wild Turkey, Woodcock. But this was Greg's answer.

The staff looked after us very well accommodating our revelry.

13th December 2017

West Pennine Area Conference

Held at Garstang Golf & Country Club. There was a business section before lunch in which Fylde's Anne Bouget was elected as West Pennine Area President and Liz Wilson as West Pennine Area Secretary. These appointments will take effect in June 2018. The conference then turned to the competitions to find representatives to go to the Western District finals.

Among others, Fylde's Anne Bouget and Mike Coyle won through to the Topics and Evaluation Competition District Finals.

Saturday 26th November 2017


Fylde Speakers Officiated at the “Youth Speaks” Competition organised by The Rotary Club of St Annes. We provided two timekeepers (Anne Bouget and Keith Rothwell), three judges (Mike Coyle, Liz Wilson and head judge Greg Morton) and a Questioner (Anne Bouget). Three teams competed, two from Carr Hill and one from AKS. Carr Hill 1 spoke on the subject of Why University? Carr Hill 2’s theme was “Does Fast Food Deserve its Reputation?” and the AKS Team’s theme was “Does Playing Sport Improve Your Life?”

Greg Morton speaking to Rotary President Viv Wilder and The Chair of the Meeting Brenda Ackers.

Individual trophies were awarded to Nathan Swarbrick (Chair - Carr Hill 2), Bruno Eaves (Speaker - AKS) and Danielle Wilson (Vote of Thanks - Carr Hill 1). The scoring was very close with only a few points between the teams. Carr Hill 2 were the overall winners.

Read more about the winners from Carrhill.

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Club Evaluation and Topics Contests 2017

Five members entered the Evaluation Contest and Eight the Topics Contest chaired by Past President Steve Shuttleworth. Head judge Tom Gilhooley presented the trophies to our winners who will now represent our club at the West Pennine Area finals.

Topics Contest Winner Anne Bouget.

Evaluation Contest Winner Mike Coyle.

The topic was 'Bugs', Many spoke about the tiny creatures found everywhere, one about computers, while Anne chose surveilance. After the event Bugs Bunny and Man Flu seemed good angles too.

Click here for more details.

Wednesday 15th November 2017

National President's Dinner

Was held at The Kegworth Hotel, Packington Hill, Derbyshire.

Saturday 21st October 2017

Jacobs Join & Speaker

Fourteen members met at Glengarry for a social Jacob Join dinner meeting. The food was therefore varied as well as delicious.

In between courses Carol delivered a 36 minute speech which was about the history of the NHS and news of a NHS practice manager in St Annes over the last fifteen years. 'From Cradle to Grave' it was amusing with poignant moments. It seemed we could all identify in some way with what she was saying. Carol joined FSC last season with a view to be able to present a speech such as this. Tonight was an opportunity for her to practice and then be evaluated. We had three experienced evaluators at the meeting but everyone was welcome to venture their opinion. Unlike evaluations at our usual club meetings, where the speech maker normally remains silent while the evaluators speak, this session also tended towards a question and answer session. Everyone agreed this was useful practice because this is what is likely to happen after addressing a U3A audience.

Wednesday 30th August 2017

Social Meal

A social meal in our usual room at the Queens celebrating The Queen’s Official Birthday.

We had all preordered from the menu, they served it to us in our room. We started with the National Anthem and loyal toast, then, during the evening, Liz, Peter, Anne, Eileen and Greg contributed tributes and party peices.

The Queens food was very good and they looked after us very well indeed. Hopefully they enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

Wednesday 7th June


Once again visiting Fylde Croquet Club on a wonderfuly Sunny evening. Almost everyone from the club attending for an hour or so of Garden Croquet. No 'wimmer' this time but President Greg Morton voted best burlesque celebration at scoring a hoop.

Wednesday 17th May 2017.


The meeting was well attended. Some new faces took new roles. The Queens Hotel has new owners who are happy for our club to continue to use the premises. Steve presented Peter Wilson with the annual Bill Thomson Award for his work redeploying this very website.

10th May 2017

National Conference

At the Hilton Hotel, Gatwick.

Steve, John and Anne attended. Apart from the business end of the conference, for which Anne was Minutes Secretary, there were many interesting news within the weekend:

The idea of 'one member one vote', which was rejected by our district recently, will be discussed at National level in 2018. The conference will be in York.

The concept of an 'ASC Felowship', rewarding work done by persons was rejected as it was thought some work was less obvious than other work and there was no way to reconcile or compare this.

Anne's speech overran by 3 seconds attracting penalty points and taking her out of contention for a podium place.

21st - 23rd April 2017

At The Queens

An ordinary meeting but with Anne rehearsing her speech for the National Conference.

Rob won the Topics Trophy speaking on Eurovision Song Contest.

Posted Wednesday 12th April 2017

At The Queens

An ordinary meeting but one of the best with several new members taking on roles for the first time.

Anita (& Biggles) won the Topics Trophy.

The committee met before the meeting to discuss the forthcoming AGM to be held on Wednesday 10th May.

Posted Wednesday 28th March 2017

Western District Conference

The event was attended by Fylde members; John Jones as Treasurer and West Pennine Area President. Steve Shuttleworth, contestant in the Evaluation and Topics Contests. Anne Bouget contestant in the speech Contest and LIz and Peter Wilson ordinary members.

The day started with the AGM but at 11am sharp the meeting was halted for the Evaluation Contest. Rosalie Harrop delivered a speech on the history of the flushing toilet which was then evaluated by six contestants. Strict rules apply to timing and preparation. After much judging debate Steve came third.

The evaluation contestants in the isolation room. Photograph PW.

Following a superb buffet lunch served by the wonderful hotel staff, Anne delivered the first speech of six in the speech Contest. It was a tour de force on the garden and indeed won the first prize and an entry into the national competition.

Anne with the trophy.

A most interesting event to attend with so many great speakers to listen to and to meet with over lunch. Recomended to any of our members new or old.

Posted Sunday 26th February 2017

Inter Club Night

Guests from Preston, Morecambe and Garstang Ladies filled our room at the Queens Hotel tonight. The room was set up 'restaurant style' with tables of four and six here and there. A buffet of sandwiches and chips was served by them to start the evening. They looked after us very well. Our President, Steve opened the meeting welcoming them on their first visits to our relatively new venue.

We followed this with some speakers: Anita Summers, Sue Hubbard, Andrew Taylor, Peter Wilson, Maureen Moon and John Whitehead.

The evening closed with a raffle raising £39. Posted Wednesday 18th January 2017

Christmas Party 2016

Ten gathered when doors and bottles were opened 6pm at East Beach. With a choice of Chilli Con Carne or Coq au Vin, jacket potato and Latham Puddings! there was some time taken over eating.

While putting the World to right after dinner there were a couple of puzzels to solve regarding postcodes and Christmas songs.

The evening raised £31 for club funds. Posted Wednesday 14th December

West Pennine Area Contest

Anne won the Area Speech Contest (contestants entered from all 5 other clubs in the Area) and now goes forward to represent us at the District Contest in February.

Steve was runner up in the Area Topics Contest and runner up in the Area Evaluation Contest and will also go forward to represent the club at the District contests in February. Posted 27th November 2016.

Fylde Evaluation and Topics Contests

There were 6 contestants for Topics and 3 contestants for Evaluation, plus three judges from other clubs. Chris Webb was runner up in the Topics contest. Steve now goes on to compete on behalf of the club at Area. Posted 16th November 2016.