What We Do

Typically our meetings start at 7:30 and last about two hours with a short interval in the middle. The opportunities to speak usually fall into three main categories, but at every meeting other roles are needed as well.


There are several essential roles to help the meeting run smoothly. These are usually taken by experienced members but these roles also form part of programme of improvement and test our ability to listen, to motivate, to provide feedback and to facilitate. Our Education Officer follows each members' progress and may suggest a role at a particular meeting to give our members the opportunities to experience, learn and assimilate them. For instance, if you need guidance and practice at chairing a meeting we can help.

Impromptu Speaking

An experienced member prepares subjects and calls on members of the audience, who have no prior knowledge of the subjects, to give a one to two minute response. The subjects are not difficult but generally broad and sometimes deliberately ambiguous! They are intended to give the speakers a chance to practice impromptu speeches. We call these Topics.

Prepared Speeches

Usually four members deliver speeches that they have prepared in advance. The speeches can be about any subject, although many evenings have a theme as a suggestion. Mini speeches should last around four minutes and for those working through our Speakers Guide Assignments these should be between six and eight minutes.


Experienced members, chosen in advance, provide comments on each prepared speech. These comments will be supportive and describe what the speaker did well and how the speaker could improve. Each evaluation is three to four minutes long. This tests our listening skills, our ability to assimilate information within a short period, provide comments in a helpful way and our ability to speak.