It’s a well known fact that the one of the greatest fears of the majority of people in the world is standing in front of a group of unknown people and speaking. A good way to increase your confidence and overcome this is by speaking and listening in our friendly and helpful environment.

Listening - - thinking - - speaking

From September to May we meet on every other Wednesday at 7:30. See our full calendar on the Meetings page.

First steps

We suggest your first steps are to visit our friendly and supportive group and simply watch and listen as part of the audience. You may attend two meetings as a guest for free.

But before coming along you might also be interested in reading more about what we do and how our meetings run. If you want to attend a meeting or need more information send an email or telephone using the numbers on the left.


Becoming a member costs £50 for a year (Students £25) and allows you to speak in the meetings, receive evaluations and work towards our National Diplomas if you wish. We also give you a copy of the "Speakers Guide" to keep.

As a member, you will get plenty of helpful comments about how to improve your communication skills. In addition you may choose to follow a prescribed national course of achievement which provides detailed analysis of what is working for you and what needs improving. Completion of the course will confer a nationally recognised certificate in public speaking.